Bryony BluddEdit

Bryony Bludd is a female weasel and the descendant of Bryony, who was in Sylver's Band . She is a good friend of Montegu Sylver , a famous weasel detective. Bryony helps Montegu Sylver with his detective work. Her other friends are Maudlin and Scruff . Bryony Bludd has a close relationship with Montegu Sylver.
Mustela nivalis -British Wildlife Centre-4

Bryony Bludd, a weasel vet.


Bryony is a vet. She helps poor weasels in Poppyville with their health problems but charges the rich animals in Gusted Manner. She works with two other vets, Texrose Tuttle and Honeysuckle Jones. She also helps Monty with his detective work.

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