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Scruff is the descendant of Scirf. He and Maudlin were both offered jobs helping Monty when they were fired from their previous jobs. They both agreed. Scruff is amazingly agile: he once one a fight with a polecat and won without even touching his rival. The polecat tired himself to exhaustion because he kept trying to punch Scruff
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and kept missing him due to Scruff's sinewy movement. Scruff is an itteligent, scruffy weasel who is always joking around.


Scruff is an energetic, courageous and extremely intelligent weasel. Though he jokes and plays pranks almost all of the time, and usually at or on Maudlin, Scruff also thinks that it is very unjust and cruel how Jeremy Poynt and other rich mammals live in luxury while others are extremely poor. Scruff is also loyal, 


The first book Scruff is in is Gaslight Geezers.

friendly, and, when he needs to be, frighteningly fierce.


Scruff used to be a lamp lighter. Then one day he found Monty, who, once they had introduced themselves, offered him and Maudlin jobs working for him. They both excepted. Soon Bryony, Monty, Maudlin and Scruff were very close friends. Scruff helps Monty in his many adventures. In Gaslight Geezers, he and his friends chased after Sveltlana, freed a lemming prince from prison and helped stop a bomb that Spindrick placed from going off. For a while, Scruff was hypnotised to think that he was a dog, and he acted like one every now and then in the book. In Vampie Voles, Scruff also helps fix porblems and does work for Monty. In this book, Scruff maintains great confidence, even when in spooky places or surrounded by vampires and other demonic creatures. Scruff also helps the rest of the group of weasels in Heastward Ho!, solving problems with his courage and intelligence.