Sylver's band consists of ten outlaws, both jack and jill.
Welkin weasels by fortunatafox-d5kme1r

Sylver's Band.

  • Sylver-  The male leader of the outlaw weasels.
  • Mawk-  A cowardly, male outlaw.
  • Scirf-  A scruffy but very intelligent and brave male outlaw.
  • Icham- Sylver's best friend and second in command after Sylver. Male.
  • Bryony- An empathetic female outlaw who has a close relationship with Sylver.
  • Miniver- A very small but resourseful female weasel who is well liked by all of the band.
  • Wodehead- An old magician whose spells go wrong more often than not. Male.
  • Dredless- A very accurate male outlaw who is the most dangerous with darts or slingshot.
  • Luke- The holy male weasel of the outlaws. 
  • Alysoun- A female outlaw who is the fastest runner in Halfmoon Wood.


Sylver's band of outlaws is armed with darts and slings, though occaisonally they use other weapons. Scirf excels in paw to paw fighting, fighting without weapons, because he can dodge and twist away from every punch and kick thrown at him by his adversary, leaving that mammal extremely fatigued and on the ground.