Zacharias Falshed is the Chief of Police in all of Muggidrear, the capital city of Welkin. He is bullied by Mayor
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Zacharias Falshed.

Jeremy Poynt, who, when Falshed makes a mistake, abuses him. Zacharias's ancient ancestor was a stoat called Sheriff Falshed who was enemies with Sylver, the ancestor of Montegu Sylver.


Zacharias can be smug and nasty, but he is much less cruel and selfish then the Mayor. Unlike Jeremy Poynt, he actually cares what happens to citizens, and not just himself.

Relationship with the PoyntsEdit

Zacharias's ancestor was the chief of police for Jeremy Poynt's ancestor, Prince Poynt. Zacharias is teased and bullied by Mayor Poynt, who regards him very lowly. Zacharias also has feelings for Princess Sybil.